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How do I submit my site to the search engines?


Some hosting companies provide a simple way of submitting your site to the search engines.

Once you have completed their form, and submitted it, it can take time (typically 1 to 4 weeks) for the search engines to 'crawl' your site, in essence cataloging your pages, and including them in the listings. 

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Why doesn't my domain name show up in search engines?


While results with some Search Engines can appear within 2 weeks (becoming increasingly rare), the time frame for respectable results is 2-3 months from the initial indexing. Although "pay for positioning" expedites the process, it requires separate fees paid directly to the search engines and directories.

0-1 week Inktomi, and less recognized search engines
2-4 weeks Altavista, Infoseek, Google
3-5 weeks Excite, HotBot, Lycos, Webcrawler, Northern Light
6-8 weeks Yahoo

Please note: The above results are subject to change.



How do I get my site on the search engines?


1. Log into the control panel for you site at
2. Click on the search engine submit icon.
3. Type in your site url , valid email address, any comments and keywords
4. Hit submit.

This will get your site on the search engines for free. If you are looking for top spots and heavy promotion a 3rd party pay service is reccomended such as

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How does Search Engine Placement work?


This is not a guaranteed way of becoming registered by these search engines, as some may charge a registering fee. It is always best to check each search engine site individually to see what their registration policy currently is.
It may take several weeks (4-8 weeks is common) before your web site will appear on a search engine. Do not submit your site multiple times to the same search engine within a short period of time, as the search engine may ban you from its list.



Why is my site not listed in a top search engine?


Many search engines reserve the right to reject Web sites based on content or quality. Check your competitions' Web sites to see if they are listed in the search engine in question. If they are listed, it is probably not a content issue.