This is the Top 10 MySQL Hosting list.

We have researched hundreds of hosts. These are the best you'll find.

The companies listed below offer the best MySQL hosting.

Rank Name Price/mo Setup Diskspace Bandwidth POP Features Rating
1 Hostmonster $4.95 Free 300,000 MB 3,000 GB Unlimited CGI-bin, PHP, mySQL, FPage, SSH, Ruby, etc. Host Unlimited Domains, $100 credit, Site Builder (FREE Domain)
Hostmonster Review
2 StartLogic $5.95 Free 300,000 MB 3,000 GB Unlimited CGI-bin, PHP, mySQL, FPage, $80 credit, etc. (FREE Domain)
StartLogic Review
3 iPower Hosting $4.95 Free 300,000 MB 3,000 GB 2,500

SSL / CGI / PHP, 25 MySQL Databases, $80 in Advertising Credits, Host 25 Domains in One (FREE Domain)

iPower Hosting Review
4 BlueHost $6.95 Free 300,000 MB 3,000 GB 2,500 CGI-bin, PHP, mySQL, FPage, SSH, RoR, etc. (FREE Domain)
BlueHost Review
5 VistaPages $6.95 Free 350,000 MB 4000 GB Unlimited CGI-bin, PHP, mySQL, Frontpage, etc. $25 Yahoo! Search Credit (FREE Domain)
VistaPages Review
6 AN Hosting $4.95 Free 500,000 MB 5,000 GB Unlimited Host 40 domains, CGI-bin, PHP, mySQL, $120 in Advertising Credits (FREE Domain)
AN Hosting Review
7 PowWeb $5.77 Free 300,000 MB 3,000 GB Unlimited SSL / CGI / PHP, 75 MySQL Databases, FPage,Fantastico, etc. Site Builder, Flash (FREE Domain)
PowWeb Review
8 HostICan $6.95 Free 200,000 MB 2,500 GB Unlimited 2000+ FREE Templates, CGI-bin, PHP, mySQL, FPage, Fantastico, etc. Host 2 Domain (FREE Domain)
HostICan Review
9 Lunarpages $6.95 Free 350,000 MB 3,500 GB Unlimited $700 CoffeeCup Web Software, ASP, JSP, PHP (FREE Domain + 10 Free Add-ons)
Lunarpages Review
10 Voxtreme $7.95 Free 200,000 MB 500 GB 5,000 SSL / CGI / PHP, mySQL, FPage, Fantastico, etc. Site Builder (FREE Domain)
Voxtreme Review
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MySQL is one of the most powerful SQL servers and its free.


Some features of MySQL Include: Handling large databases, around 50,000,000+ records. No memory leaks. Tested with a commercial memory leakage detector (purify). A very flexible and secure privilege and password system, which allows host-based verification. All password traffic when connecting to a server is encrypted.


MySQL supports most of the functionality you would come to expect in a commercial RDBMS. It ensures that transactions comply with the ACID Model, allows the building of indexes, supports standard data types, and allows for database replication, among other features.


One major area where MySQL used to fall short was its lack of support for stored procedures and triggers. However, both of these features are supported in MySQL 5.0.


MySQL meshes perfectly with the Perl Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) the dynamic web development language.


All of the hosting companies above include fully configured MySQL and tools as standard in their hosting packages.