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Most web site builders are proprietary tools provided by web hosting companies which cater to people who wish to build their own websites without learning the technical aspects of web page production. The person who wishes to use the website builder typically signs up with the company -- most offer free trial periods -- and chooses the design that best suits his or her purpose. Some companies' tools allow the user to see the source code, that is, the HTML behind the page he is building. Many do not, meaning that only certain designated areas on the page can be modified. Usually, these areas are: headers, text and some graphic elements.


The main site builders currently in use are Micromedia Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage, Yahoo! SiteBuilder and Macromedia ColdFusion. Micromedia Flash Professional is the industry's most advanced site building environment for creating interactive websites with digital and mobile content. Adobe Dreamweaver is the industry standard for advanced web publishing. Microsoft FrontPage delivers professional quality web sites but has complications with browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. Yahoo! SiteBuilder is a basic site builder that comes free with the Yahoo! web hosting plans. At last, Macromedia ColdFusion is designed for advanced web applications (namely, forms Flash).